Commission Plan

why you should be a part of the M88 Affiliate Program:

Here are the reasons why you should be a part of the M88 Affiliate Program:

  • We offer top-notch gaming and online betting products such as mSports, Sports, Casino Live Dealer, Keno, Slot games, Lotto, plus a wide selection of games.
  • We are a renowned brand with over 6 languages so it is easier for you to attract members.
  • We have strategic Marketing tools ensuring high member conversion and retention rate.
  • You can earn more commission
    • Up to 45% commission rate
    • We offer user-friendly software for your performance tracking.
    • We have a highly trained affiliate team to support your every need.
Commission Structure from direct members Monthly total net profit
(Every calendar month)
(USD or equivalent currency)
Every month's number of active members
(at least one bet in sports, live dealer,
keno, slot games, lotto within the qualifying month)
Commision percentage rate
First USD 0 - USD 5,788 > 5 27%
Next USD 5,789 to USD 88,000 > 5 36%
Next USD 88,000+ > 5 45%

Your commission percentage rate is determined by both the monthly net loss of the total players recommended by you to and the number of active members within the qualifying month.

  • With a 45% commission rate, 45% of members’ net losses is your commission.
  • With at least 6 active members (members that have placed at least one bet in the month) will entitle you to start earning a commission. An increase in members’ net losses and active members will enable you to earn more.
  • We monitor our affiliates' performance and may contact you directly to increase your commission rate.
  • Negative revenue share for any given month will be carried forward to the following month.
  • All affiliates are subject to administrative and marketing costs incurred directly for the acquisition of members.
  • The cost is deducted from the revenue on a monthly basis. This cost may include the following:
    • Payment charges – Deposit and withdrawal charges involving all the affiliate’s members
    • Media Fees – Any fees incurred towards M88 to support or assist affiliate in conjunction with promotions or marketing purposes
    • Promotion bonuses – Monetary bonuses or rebates given to the affiliate’s members